"Solo: A Star Wars Story" Fails to Soar Past the Stars and is Anchored by Comic Book Madness.

Editor's Note: This article is not accounting for Monday's gross of the four day weekend, will be included tomorrow morning when the box office numbers are made clear. 

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” didn’t have the magical Star Wars weekend that Lucasfilm and Disney would have hoped for, the three day weekend was expected to rake in $150 million, and the extra day was supposed to push it to a $170 million mark, but “Solo: A Star Wars Story” arrived well under those expectations. Delivering a mere $83.8 million over three days of the four day weekend. Still waiting to see the movie’s fourth day gross, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” hit our domestic box office with one of the most disappointing opening weekends of the summer thus far.

Hitting theaters on Thursday night previews, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” soared with a $14.1 million night that placed the newest galactic adventure on pace for a $150 million four day weekend, but Friday night said otherwise. Delivering an estimated $35.6 million, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” had a lousy opening day with the Star Wars universe of fans seemingly absent from Lucasfilm’s newest project. With no additional support, Saturday and Sunday both landed in more disappointing fashions with $24.6 million on Saturday and $24.4 million on Sunday. The movie is expected to surpass the $100 million barrier when the four day weekend comes to a close, but there is a reasonable doubt that “Solo: A Star Wars Story” may not be able to soar past that $100 million mark.

It was a weekend that raises a lot of questions for the Star Wars universe as a whole. Specifically, the issues raised by its mediocre performance in domestic markets. Is the Star Wars fatigue settling in? Is this a protest by hardcore fans for the changes made to the universe in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi?” Or are Star Wars fans yearning for new stories and not more of the old ragtag group of heroes? All of these questions need to be taken into account because Star Wars is a franchise that has affected us all in some way, so we all have some stake in this fight. We’ll have to wait and see how Disney handles this discouraging weekend as they must feel the same frustration our political leaders feel in trying to understand what their supporters want.

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Read Our Full Review by Clicking on the Image Above. 

Star Wars fans are beginning to get as confusing to satisfy as ever, and overseas the news isn’t any better. Bringing in a meager $65 million with Japan being the sole market that hasn’t witnessed the ride of “Solo: A Star Wars Story” just yet, the U.K. and Chinese markets brought in a combined total of a saddening $20 million. The rest of the foreign markets performed below those numbers, which raises even more concerns for the current Star Wars climate of filmmaking. 

In the perspective of outlier stories, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” still underperformed when compared to its fellow outlier film in “Rogue One.” “Solo: A Star Wars Story” delivered 54% of the domestic gross made by “Rogue One,” and it’s international performance didn’t even get close to half of “Rogue One’s” $134.9 million foreign markets gross. Receiving an A- Cinemascore, a 70% on the Tomatometer, and a 2.5/4 star rating from this site and Rogerebert.com, Critics and audiences seemed to have enjoyed the film overall but not enough to reach out to fellow movie fans. 

Fox and Marvel’s “Deadpool 2” finished in second place with another solid weekend, bringing in an additional $42.7 million, dropping 66% from its record-breaking opening weekend. Expecting to hit $53.5 million when the four day weekend comes to its end, “Deadpool 2” continues to match that of the first films success by nearly outgrossing “Solo: A Star Wars Story” overseas in its second weekend.  Earning an estimated $57 million, pushing the film’s foreign markets total to just a hair shy of $280 million, as the film closes in on a $490 million global gross in its second week. The film seems to have a long and fortunate road ahead of it, as Deadpool sets his eyes on the Japanese market for the film's opening on June 1st. 

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Read Our Full Review by Clicking on the Image Above. 

“Avengers: Infinity War” came in third place, producing $17 million over the three-days of its four day weekend. Expecting to finish with $21 million by tomorrow morning, the Avengers are set to climb to the sixth position on the all-time domestic charts with a $627 million gross. In the foreign markets, it's more good news for the team of remarkable heroes, acquiring an additional $32.5 million to increase its foreign total to $1.283 billion as the film continues to approach it's expected $2 billion total as it surpassed the $1.9 billion mark. The film remains to be the fourth highest grossing film of all-time, but the question is if the film can get close to touching the third-place record of $2.068 billion, set by it's fellow Disney movie, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” It’s the last proverbial amount of history that the film can break globally, but we’ll have to wait and see if the Avengers have enough stones left in them to carry them past the power of Star Wars. 

The top five rounded out with “Book Club” coming in fourth place, grossing an additional $9 million for the three-days and expects to hit $12 million as the film is expected to hit the $35 million mark when the weekend comes to a close. “Life of the Party” took the fifth-place ranking with $5.1 million over the three-day part of the weekend and is on track to make $6.5 million, bringing its domestic total to $40 million. “Show Dogs” plummeted by 49% bringing its domestic total to a mere $12 million, and “A Quiet Place” continues to gross by surpassing the $180 million mark in domestic markets, and grossing a $310 million gross worldwide. 

This weekend will be an interesting one to watch, as “Solo: A Star Wars Story” has the potential of dropping off in a big way. It will be fascinating to see how “Deadpool 2” continues to fair, as well as it's superhero brethren, “Avengers: Infinity War.” The summer doesn’t seem to belong to “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” despite what the commercials for the film might tell you, as the weekend will introduce some lightweight contenders with that of Knoxville’s slapstick comedy “Action Point” and Blumhouse’s ingenuitive action movie “Upgrade” set to open, alongside the lost at sea drama, “Adrift.”  The blockbuster fare will take a weekend off, but “Oceans 8,” “Incredibles 2,” and “Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom” are all set to open this month as the summer blockbusters are beginning to come into full swing.