"Deadpool 2" Scores Big with the Second Highest Grossing Rated-R Opening Weekend , Falling Short of Its Predecessor.

With no thanks to Ryan Reynolds, “Deadpool 2” is another instant hit with a massive $125 million domestic opening weekend and a $300 million global opening that knocked “Avengers: Infinity War” down from the number one spot at the global and worldwide weekend box office. Meanwhile, “Show Dogs” and “Book Club” delivered on expectations when they attempted to be the counterprogramming to the duo of superhero flicks. They, naturally, didn’t precisely place a dent in the grosses of these big hit comic book movies. 

Nonetheless, “Deadpool 2” was indicated to break the rated-R opening weekend gross total with a historic $18.6 million on the Thursday night previews and an excellent $53.3 million opening day. It was unable to surpass its own predecessor's record of $132 million with that of Tim Miller’s “Deadpool,” but stayed ahead of last year's massive gross of $123.4 million by “IT.”  Rounding in an impressive weekend, “Deadpool 2” stood atop of Thanos’ former throne, but Thanos’ box office run is nothing short of historic. 

Placing itself as the fourth highest worldwide grossing film of all-time with $1.817 billion, and continuing its run domestically as it nears $600 million. It seems it might be able to surpass the $2 billion mark, but it may not be able to overcome 2018’s baffling run by “Black Panther” whose social relevance seems to have assisted it past the big and bolder movie in “Avengers: Infinity War.” “Black Panther” might be able to seal that win over its same blooded brethren of the Marvel cinematic universe. “Black Panther” may hold more resonance here in the states, but “Avengers: Infinity War” seems to have conquered the global markets, as expected.  

The upcoming memorial weekend seems to have set up a multitude of showdowns, but none that are that impactful when considering the idea that the two of the movies facing off are apart of the same Disney family. But how will the 20th Century Fox child in “Deadpool 2” fair against the undervalued “Solo: A Star Wars Story?” Many are expecting the individual Star Wars story to fall short at the box office, but it might surprise us with that galactic mythology flair that the force is known for. “Avengers: Infinity War” is on the road to falling out of that top five more and more, but the historical table that has been set by them will be a tough hill to overcome. 

The rest of the films in the top five had weekends not worth mentioning by being placed in a lousy opening weekend spot, but something worth mentioning is the weekend results of $4 million brought in by “A Quiet Place.” A film breaking past last year’s historic “Get Out” gross with $176 million, as Krasinski's hit nears $180 million. It seems film quality continues to matter in some sense of the word as these well-made superhero flicks and genre movies continue to dominate as the upcoming box office battle is set for stories that live in fantasy. How remarkable is that to see as a comic book nerd and sci-fi lover?