"Black Panther" Continues to Surprise with Domination at the Box Office & "A Wrinkle in Time" Disappoints.

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Surprise surprise, “Black Panther” was number one at the box office again. Ryan Coogler’s Wakandian adventure continues to become the dangerous panther that continues to carnivalize its way at the box office as it broke more than one record this last week with an additional $40 million to its overwhelming success. Becoming the 58th highest grossing release of all-time when adjusting for inflation, the seventh highest grossing film (domestically), the third highest-grossing film in its fourth week (domestically), and the second highest domestic grossing MCU film with only “The Avengers” being a top of its kingdom. 


Ryan Coogler’s showcase of black excellence became the fifth MCU movie to gross a billion dollars and is the fifth highest worldwide grossing MCU film, as well as the second highest grossing solo film for the MCU with “Iron Man 3” holding on to its reign. Least to say, “Black Panther” has simply demolished expectations, second expectations, and continues to break new expectations as the kingdom of Wakanda continues its reign at the box office as “A Wrinkle in Time” matches its quality with a mediocre opening.  


With a mere $33 million opening weekend on an estimated $100-150 million budget, “A Wrinkle in Time” barely satisfied audiences with B+ Cinemascore and was not welcomed by critics with a 43% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The lowest opening from Disney since 2016’s “BFG,” which honestly is nothing to brag about because “Avengers: Infinity War” will most likely reclaim the losses for Disney with its massive gross. “The Strangers: Prey at Night” double its budget in a more than satisfying gross of about $10 million, and “Game Night” begins to fall out of the top five as it reigns in a little under $8 million. “Red Sparrow” continues its downfall as well with a little more than $9 million. 

A mediocre weekend for most, and more than a successful weekend for others, but this weekend has many new arrivals to the box office battle as “Tomb Raider” arrives. With a lack of praise from critics, “Tomb Raider” may deliver a less than a satisfactory opening. “I Love Simon” has some critical success, but the audience anticipation doesn’t seem to be at a sky high. It seems that we’re all waiting for our “Avengers” medicine in April as the only film seeming to have a shot at making a good sum of money is “Rampage” as The Rock rarely walks away from the box office with a disastrous outing. The takeaway continues to be how much a different perspective and unique view of the world can lead to profit for studios as “Black Panther” is not lighting in a bottle, but lighting that has been locked in the bottle for far too long. 

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