"Black Panther" Stand Tall with a $202 Million Opening

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A historic weekend that exemplifies a cultural movement that is making its way into the infrastructure of media, and doing it well. For most of cinematic history or pop culture history in general, we as a society have been forced to associate heroism with a specific race and a particular gender. From Superman to Batman to Spiderman to James Bond, we have identified these representations of ethnicity and gender to be the heroes of the world.

That’s not to say that a few different ways of thinking didn’t ever seep through the cracks like that of “Luke Cage” (founded in 1972) and “Blade” (founded in 1973 & transferred to screen in 1998). These few examples are great in their own ways, but never before has the silver screen exemplified black pride, black excellence, black history, and the unique struggle that the black community feels to this day like that of Ryan Coogler’s “Black Panther.” I know that’s a rather political way to begin an editorial about box office results, but with the recent uprise in “controversy” that surrounds this film, I needed to reinstitute the reasoning for this film being dubbed as revolutionary or exceptional for its use of black excellence.

It doesn’t matter nonetheless anyways, because “Black Panther” raked in $202 million over the weekend. Not including the few days after that whereas of today “Black Panther” has scraped up an astounding $262 million and is well on its way to approaching $500 million at the worldwide box office. “Black Panther” didn’t only meet expectation, but excelled past them. A few of my fellow friends read last week’s rant and prescribed my $200 million predictions for “Black Panther” opening weekend as a little overboard.

Many had “Black Panther” on the proverbial train tracks for something between $150 million and $185 million, but mine was a bit over the top, admittedly. I was not alone in this expectation, and I was also not alone in being astounded by the incredible response to this remarkable film. Overwhelmingly praised by fellow critics and me alike, and the astonishing box office response is nothing short of exceptional, as "Black Panther" is at its simplest form another big hit for Marvel Studios.

 Read my full review of "Black Panther" by clicking on this JPG. 

Read my full review of "Black Panther" by clicking on this JPG. 

In other news, “Peter Rabbit” did okay and “Fifty Shades Freed” dropped a few notches. As far as this weekend goes, “Annihilation” looks to have a steady opening that will be noticeable but inconsequential. I will have a viewing tonight and a review uploaded by tomorrow. I apologize for the lack of content as of late, but when you're running a one-person show, the difficulty of manifesting content can be both frustrating and drastically tiresome. Nonetheless, “Game Night” looks to have the same critical and box office response that “Rough Night” had last year as well. Hopefully, “Annihilation” can deliver on the exceptional filmmaking that was “Ex Machina,” but we’ll have to wait and see. The big story is “Black Panther” this week though, and it rightfully should be.