"The Grinch" Steals the Box Office, While "Venom" Debuts with $111m in China

The 2018 box office continues to proper, as in the midst of November, Illumination Studios’ “Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch” debuted with a chart-topping $66 million this weekend. Though it's fellow new-weekend bed-fellows didn’t join in part with this success, “Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch” provided the third largest opening weekend for an animated title in November, behind Pixar’s “The Incredibles” ($70.4m) and “Frozen” ($67.39m). The film’s horizon looks fortunate, as the film is the single Christmas-themed film over the coming weeks and with an “A-” Cinemascore to boot, “Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch” should defy critical receptions and dominate the family market for the remainder of the year.

Internationally, “The Grinch” opened in 23 locations with an estimated $12.7 million for a $78.7 million global debut. Leading the way was a $6.5 million debut in the UK and Ireland, followed by Brazil ($1.3m), Norway ($747k), and Sweden ($668k). The film has yet to open in an additional 48 markets, key marketplaces such as France, Australia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Japan, China, Korea, and Russia.

Fox’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” performed just ahead of second-weekend expectations, grossing an estimated $30.85 million, dropping just around 40% from its previous weekend dominance. The second-weekend success pushed “Bohemian Rhapsody” over the $100 million domestically after ten days in release, and the film is performing equally strong overseas by reigning in an estimated $63 million for an international cume that now totals $185 million and global cume that now tops $285 million. The UK continues to be the film’s strongest market overseas, dipping a mere 16% in its third weekend of release in the market for a $38 million gross in total thus far.

While those two films succeed and look as if they'll continue succeeding going forward, Paramount and Bad Robot Studios’ “Overlord” delivered an estimated $10.1 million for the weekend. While the performance is within the range of expectations, it's below the mid-teens expectations of the studio. The film received a “B” Cinemascore from audiences and predominantly steady with critics with an 81% Rotten Tomatoes score with an average rating of 6.6/10. Arriving in the third place box office slot nonetheless, “Overlord” debuted in 52 markets internationally and grossed an estimated $9.2 million for a global cume coming just shy of $20 million.

Joining the box-office melancholy was Disney’s “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” which delivered an estimated $9.56 million as the film’s domestic cume just tops the $35 million mark. Internationally the film added $13.5 million from 45 markets for a global cume that stands at $96.7 million as the non-Marvel, non-Star Wars filmography of Disney continues to stifle with audiences.

Rounding out the top five is Sony’s “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” which delivered a disappointing $8 million. On par with studio expectations, but not a positive signature for a finale in the trilogy of Stieg Larsson’s “Millennium” series, and another chapter in the “Girl With a Dragon Tattoo” series. Internationally, the film began it's wider roll-out this weekend, expanding into 49 markets where it brought in an estimated $6.2 million for a current international cume that now stands at a weak $8.3 million. Some key markets remain ahead for the film, and the movie was awarded a “B” Cinemascore from opening day audiences, so the future of the film may brighten up, but predominantly seems bleak for the franchise.

Outside the top five, “A Star Is Born” continues to stand-fast, dropping a mere 27% for an estimated $8 million, pushing the film’s domestic cume towards $178 million. Sony’s “The Front Runner” debuted in four theaters on Tuesday of this past week, bringing in an estimated $56,000 for a cume of $76,000 as the film is set to expand into approximately 48 locations the following weekend. Amazon Studios’ “Beautiful Boy” expanded its reach into 776 theaters where it brought in an estimated $1.4 million for a domestic cume that now totals $5.18 million, which makes its $25 million budget become perceived as an overwhelming hill to climb at this point and time.

Additionally, Sony’s “Venom” brought in an estimated $4.85 million this weekend domestically to push its domestic total to a hefty $206.2 million, but the big story lies with that of China as the film debuted in the massive market for a $111 million opening. The second highest debut ever for a superhero film in the market, it was a strong extra, helping hand as the film gets closer to its box office finish line for a global cume that now stands at nearly $675 million.

Next weekend will see Warner Bros. “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” into over 4000 theaters along with Paramount’s “Instant Family” and Fox’s “Widows,” both of which will be opening in over 3000 locations. 2018 has been an overwhelmingly more successful year for the American cinema financially speaking, and we still got some heavy-hitters to go in what is turning out to be a year of massive success for the multiplex.

"Bohemian Rhapsody" Sings a High Note with a $50 Million Debut

It’s been more than nine months since we’ve seen the top three films at the box office being new releases for the weekend, leading the way this time around was Fox’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” with $50 million, well above expectations. The enduring word of a troubled production as the film that was eight years in the making, losing and replacing directors, and more, was able to steal away the weekend. The film’s “A” Cinemascore signifies a potentially strong performance going forward domestically as little, to no, direct competition stands in the way of Mercury’s revival.

Internationally, after its hot start in the UK last weekend, “Bohemian Rhapsody” expanded to 64 total overseas markets this weekend and delivered an estimated $72.5 million for a global cume thus far totaling $122.5 million. The UK leads the way to no surprise, raking in $26.5 million while others have averaged anywhere between $1.6 million in the Netherlands and $5.8 million in Mexico.

Disney’s “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” was looking for an opening in the low-to-mid twenty million this weekend, and it landed near the lower edge of that goal with an estimated $20 million finish. The third to last Disney non-Marvel and non-Star Wars movie of 2018, “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” received more than a fair share of discouraging reviews from critics, a 35% RottenTomatoes score, but audiences were a bit more rewarding with a “B+” Cinemascore, which is equivalent to satisfactory feeling for a film.

Also debuting in 45 international markets this weekend, “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” walked away with an estimated $38.5 million for a $58.5 million global debut. China led the way with a $12 million opening, and the rest of the markets ranged between $1.7 million in Brazil and $5.5 million in Italy. The film will continue to open into other foreign markets like Australia, France, and Japan.

In the third place came “Nobody’s Fool,” with an estimated $14 million, the R-rated Tyler Perry comedy was well received among opening day audiences, receiving an “A-” Cinemascore. Though critics were not near as favorable with a 25% RottenTomatoes score, the film played to a predominantly young female audience which leads to expectations for its domestic run finishing around $35 million or so, if not a bit higher.

In fourth, we find a performance that continues to impress with “A Star Is Born” dipping a mere 21% in its fifth-weekend for an estimated $11.1 million. Pushing its domestic cume over $165 million, it will be incredibly interesting to see how well these two music-drive dramas coexist over the coming weeks as this pseudo-musical style filmography seems to hold over well with audiences. Internationally, “A Star Is Born” continued to stay strong by adding another $13.9 million this weekend for an international running cume totaling $128.3 million and a global tally just shy of $295 million.

Rounding out the top five is Universal’s “Halloween,” which dropped a bit more than expected as it enters its third week in release, delivering an estimated $11 million. Now topping $150 million at the domestic box office, the film additionally added $18.3 million for a $230 million total worldwide cume. Just outside the top five is “Venom” with a strong fifth-weekend hold, dropping just 26.3% for an estimated $7.85 million weekend and a domestic cume of $198.6 million as it will cross the $200 million mark for its domestic run by next weekend. On top of that, the film grasped an estimated $15.6 million internationally this weekend for a global cume that now stands at $541.5 million with a release in China set for next weekend.

Outside the top ten, Amazon Studios expanded the release of “Beautiful Boy” into 540 theaters and grossed an estimated $1.4 million, pushing the film’s domestic cume to $3.2 million. The studio currently anticipated expanding “Beautiful Boy” a bit further into approximately 300 additional locations next weekend. Amazon also expanded “Suspiria” into 311 theaters, leading to an estimated $964,722 weekend and a domestic cume totaling $1.2 million as it enters its second weekend in release. The film always seemed to appeal to a niche audience, but a wider release over the holiday could have provided a large lending hand.

In limited release this weekend, Focus Feature’s “Boy Erased” brought in an estimated $220,000 from just five locations for a chart-topping $44,000 per theater average. The Joel Edgerton directed feature will expand its reach next weekend into 75 theaters in 25 markets. On a final note, Disney’s “Incredibles 2” added another $1.9 million globally this weekend, pushing the film’s worldwide gross to $1.238 billion making it the 15th largest global release of all-time.

Next weekend will see the release of Illumination's "Dr. Seuss' The Grinch" in over 4000 locations along with Sony's second attempt at the "Dragon Tattoo" series with "The Girl in the Spider's Web" in approximately 3000 theaters, and Paramount's well-reviewed "Overlord" will debut in 2500 locations in what looks to be a more relaxed weekend than the one we just finished, but the year is far from over.

"Halloween" Repeats Its Reign of Terror at #1


Though it comes to little surprise, the weekend played out as expected with a repeat victory for Universal’s slasher renovation of Carpenter’s masked incarnation of evil “Halloween.” Remaining at number one and dipping 58%, the film gained an additional estimated $32 million as it's domestic cume now climbs over $126 million after just ten days in release, “Halloween” continues to dominate it's box office run on a reported $10 million production budget which would definitely make the rewards taste just that much sweeter.

“Halloween” is also the #1 film internationally, delivering an estimated $25.6 million from 62 markets for an international total that now stands at $45.6 million and a global cume topping $172 million. The film added 39 markets over the weekend, a #1 finish in Germany with an estimated $3.2 million along with openings in France, Australia, Spain, Brazil, and Italy, each of which averaged between $1.3m and $2.3m.

Warner Bros.’s “A Star Is Born” continues its strong run as the crowd-pleasing, critically affirmed picture, dropping just 26% domestically this weekend for an estimated $14.1 million weekend and a domestic cume that has now climbed to nearly $149 million. Internationally, “A Star Is Born” dipped 23% to earn an additional $17.6 million from 75 markets in release for an international total that now stands at $104.6 million and a global tally topping $253 million.

Sony’s “Venom” reclaimed its third-place ranking with an estimated $10.8 million bringing its domestic cume to $187.3 million. The film’s global tally has now topped $500 million after adding an additional $17.3 million overseas this weekend for a worldwide cume that now stands at a $508.4 million.

Sony also landed the fourth slot with “Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween” dropping a mere 23% as it enters its third weekend in release with an estimated $7.5 million. The film’s domestic cume has now topped $38 million, also adding $10.3 million to its international total which now stands at $24.2 million for a global cume topping $62.5 million.

Finishing in the fifth position is “Hunter Killer,” which fell short of expectations with an estimated $6.65 this weekend from 2720 locations as the film received an “A-” Cinemascore from opening day audiences. Critics were not as favorable as they rewarded the film with a rotten 36% on RottenTomatoes.

The rest of the weekend was dominated by smaller films as A24’s “Mid90s” brought in an estimated $3 million after expanding into 1206 locations. Universal’s “Johnny English Strikes Again” brought in an estimated $1.6 million from 544 theaters. Right behind Johnny was Pure Flix’s “Indivisible” which debuted with an estimated $1.57 million from 830 locations. In limited release, Amazon Studios’s “Suspiria” debuted in a New York and Los Angeles theater with an estimated $179,806; elsewhere, “Beautiful Boy” expanded in 189 locations for an estimated $592,897.

In other headlines, Fox’s “The Predator” released in China this weekend where it finished #1 with an estimated $20 million, helping push the film’s overseas cume over $98 million for a global cume just shy of $150 million. Fox made additional headlines with there early launch of “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the UK where it delivered an estimated $12.2 million, outperforming the opening of “A Star Is Born” by 127% as well as “The Greatest Showman” by 95% and “La La Land” by 46%.

This weekend looks to signify a return of a heavy hitter as “Bohemian Rhapsody” roars into theaters, along with “Nobody’s Fool,” “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms,” and “Suspiria” as the over-populated cinema looks to spike after the trick and treating Wednesday.

Michael Myers Piles up a Scary $77.5 Million Opening; Second Largest Ever in October

With an exceptional $77.5 million debut, Universal and Blumhouse’s “Halloween” topped the weekend with the second largest October opening weekend of all-time. The horror film headlined a massive weekend overall, one that saw the top twelve amount a monsterish $160 million, making this the second largest October weekend ever. “Halloween” was the talk-of-the-town though, the Haddonfield slasher came in less than $3 million shy of the record set by “Venom” earlier this month. That said, “Halloween” did top “Venom” by more than $32.5 million this weekend, as the film’s opening is the second largest ever for an R-rated horror, topping the $53.8 million opening for “The Nun” a month ago and far behind the $123.4 million debuts of “IT” last September.

The film, which carries a tiny $10 million production budget, landed well with both critics and audiences; earning a “B+” Cinemascore and an 80% Fresh rating from the aggregate critic rating of Rotten Tomatoes. The film played to a healthy crowd internationally too, bringing in an estimated $14.3 million from 23 markets, with Mexico leading the way with an astounding $4.9 million. Michael Myers has returned in a big way as the long-awaited remake/sequel is one of the year’s biggest commercial successes.

In that same vein, the critical and audience hit with “A Star Is Born” continues to climb the list of films that never hit #1 at the weekend box office, adding an estimated $19.3 million to it's domestic total, which now stands at $126.4 million as it enters its third week in release. Internationally, “A Star Is Born” remained strong, delivering an estimated $22.8 million from 75 overseas markets, pushing the film’s worldwide cume to $201.1 million.

Sony’s “Venom” took the third place spot, falling two ranks from its previous back-to-back #1 weekends. With an estimated $18.1 million weekend, the film’s domestic cume is now over $170 million as it too enters its third week in release, while remaining #1 at the international box office for the third week straight, bringing in an estimated $32.2 million from 65 overseas markets for an international cume now totaling $290.7 million and a worldwide total of $461.2 million.

Sony also took the fourth spot on the weekend chart with “Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween,” which brought in an estimated $9.7 million for a domestic cume that now totals $28.8 million after ten days in a release. The film also added another $6.2 million internationally, bringing its global cume to $39.9 million.

The second Universal entree and rounding out the top five was Damien Chazelle’s “The First Man,” dropping approximately 46% in its second weekend for an estimated $2.35 million for a domestic cume that now stands at $30 million. It’s an unfortunate performance for the film that was hoping to match a fellow Universal historical drama in “Bridge of Spies,” but it seems to have become lost in the shuffle. Internationally, the film brought in $13.4 million from 47 markets, for an overseas cume totaling $25.5 million.

Just outside the top five is Fox’s expansion of “The Hate U Give,” which played in 2303 location and delivered an estimated $7.5 million for a domestic cume that now tops $10.5 million. The film could be looking at a healthy run moving forward though, with a stunning “A+” Cinemascore and an astounding 96% Rotten Tomatoes score that shows that this film may have a lot more in its tank than we’ve seen thus far.

Rounding out the top ten, you can find Fox Searchlight’s “The Old Man & the Gun” which expanded into 802 locations and delivered an estimated $2.05 million for the weekend, for a domestic cume that now totals $4.2 million. Outside that ten, Annapurna’s expansion of “The Sisters Brothers,” which expanded into 1141 locations for a disappointing $742,014 and a per theater average of just $650 as the little-to-no marketing has become a backlashed fire for the new western.

Next weekend will see the release of the submarine action-thriller ‘Hunter Killer” opening in approximately 2600 location along with Pure Flix’s “Indivisible.” Additionally, Universal will debut “Johnny English Strikes Again,” and Amazon Studios will begin its platform release for Luca Guadagnino’s “Suspiria.” The Oscar-season is in full swing as the box office reaches its yearly finale in the coming months.

"Venom" Continues Its Reign & "First Man" Rockets to a Third Place Finish

The tight race we expected for the weekend, actually became that of an underwhelming circumstance, as “Venom” and “A Star Is Born” held on tight to their grip at the weekend box office. “Venom” won the weekend for the second week in a row with an estimated $35.7 million, dropping just 55% in its second weekend as the film’s domestic cume now total $143 million after just ten days in release. Heading into the weekend, a 60%+ drop seemed to be in the cards based off historical patterns, but “Venom” continues to outperform expectation as the symbiotic anti-hero continues to infect the box office; holding on similar to “Logan,” which dipped 56.9% in its second weekend.

Internationally, “Venom” remained the #1 film as well at the global box office. Delivering an estimated $69.7 million from 54 overseas markets for an international cume of $235.3 million, “Venom” is continuing to run the gauntlet heroically as the critical and audience divided film is gaining steam to be that of an audience favorite.

In the runner-up position was the critic and audience favored “A Star Is Born.” Dropping just 35% in its sophomore frame for an estimated $28 million, “A Star Is Born” now has a domestic gross just shying $95 million after ten days in release. Internationally, “A Star Is Born” dipped a mere 14% compared to last weekend. Bringing in an estimated $20.2 million from 65 markets for an overseas cume that now tops $41 million, “A Star Is Born” is having a fair bit of success as well as it sets its eyes on the Australian market next weekend and then Japan later this year.

Universal provided another box office hit this weekend with that of Damien Chazelle’s “First Man,” which managed to capture a third-place finish with an estimated $16.5 million opening weekend. Just over that of the $15.3 million opening for “Bridge of Spies” in 2015, it is expected that “First Man” will perform with a 4.7x multiplier to reign in around $70-$80 million when it finishes its domestic run. The film received a “B+” Cinemascore from audiences and currently sits at an 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, as “First Man” seems to have a positive train track laid before it as it begins its box office run.

Internationally, “First Man” launched in 22 markets and brought in an estimated $8.6 million, bringing the film’s worldwide total to $25.1 million. The UK leads the other markets with a $3.1 million debut in comparison to the other markets averaging at most $1 million or less.

Right behind “First Man,” in fourth place, is Sony’s “Goosebumps 2” with an estimated $16.2 million. The film played to an audience that was split 50/50 male and female and received a “B” Cinemascore from the opening day audiences. In a very similar role to that “The House with a Clock in Its Walls,” “Goosebumps 2” seems to have a so-so future ahead of it and might need a lending hand from audiences that are hoping to see the third film in the future. Internationally, “Goosebumps 2” debuted in 16 markets this weekend with an estimated $3.7 million, Mexico leads the way with a $1.7 million debut.

Rounding out the top five is “Smallfoot” with an estimated $9.3 million for a domestic cume that now stands at $57.8 million. Internationally the film grossed an estimated $14.5 million from 57 overseas markets for an international cume that now stands at now $52.6 million. Outside the top five, “Bad Times at the El Royale” debuted with an estimated $7.2 million as the film received a disappointing “B-” Cinemascore. The film also debuted in 36 overseas markets and collected an estimated $4.05 million from those markets as the mystery ensemble seems to be lacking that spark for both critics and audiences which may become fatal for its box office run.

Also of note is “Crazy Rich Asians,” which brought in an estimated $1.07 million this weekend which means it has now topped $171 million to become only the sixth romantic comedy ever to reach that milestone.

Finishing ninth is Fox’s “The Hate U GIve” with $1.765 million from 248 location as the film is set to open nationwide this coming weekend which looks to be a stiffly constructed battle as Universal’s “Halloween” is set to open in approximately 3700 locations. “The Old Man & the Gun” is also set to open in over 600 location as the fall season begins to heat up.

"Venom" Devours October Box Office Record & "A Star Is Born" Shines Bright

It was a record-breaking weekend for the alien symbiote turned big screen character, Marvel’s foil to the iconic hero Spider-Man, “Venom,” found himself on the big screen for the first time in eleven years and he delivered at the box office, sort of. With a rumored $100 million budget, “Venom” delivered a massive $80 million opening weekend from 4,250 locations, but with the budget being as it may, that opening doesn’t seem as stunning as mentioned.

However, “Venom,” while not a favorite of mine, did provide a record nonetheless. Topping the previous October opening weekend record of $55.7 million which was set forth by Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity,” “Venom” devoured that previous benchmark by over $20 million. Not to mention, the film was ahead of Marvel Studios’ ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp” $75.8 million debut by a little more than $5 million and just slightly behind the $84.8 million opening for “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” Both of those films went on to gross over $210 million domestically, but next weekend will be the deciding factor as to if Sony has a financial hit or a one-trick pony.

While me and many other critics found the film to be “messy” or a “misfire” providing a 30% Rottentomatoes score, audiences seem to dig the film with that of a “B+” Cinemascore to exemplify their enjoyment, a score that matches the grades for both “Suicide Squad” and “Justice League.” However, the film stayed steadily behind the “A-” Cinemascore of “Ant-Man and the Wasp” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” which may, inevitably, be the deciding factor on “Venom’s” final numbers.

Internationally, “Venom” delivered $125.2 million from 58 markets for another record for an October global opening over $205 million. South Korea led all the international markets with $15.7 million opening, the second largest opening for Sony inside the market behind that of the MCU’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming’s” $19.1 million. It’s too early to tell how much more fortune lies ahead for that of the symbiote, but next weekend will be the deciding factor as to if it's one of promise or fizzle.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros.’s massive critical hit “A Star Is Born” debuted into 3,686 locations with a hefty $41.25 million. Add in the $1.35 million grosses from early Tuesday, and Wednesday sneak peeks, the film’s current domestic cume now stands at $42.6 million. Contributing to an overall massive weekend for the month of October, “A Star Is Born” seems to be the Oscar hit to kick off the season with a massive audience praise with an “A” Cinemascore to go along with the 91% Rotten Tomatoes score as “A Star Is Born” seems to be the film to beat for fellow Oscar contenders.

Internationally, “A Star Is Born” delivered $14 million from 31 markets, including a $5.3 million launch in the UK along with a $2.1 million second place opening in France and several markets will, hopefully, follow this success in the coming weeks.

WB also took third place with their animated feature “Smallfoot,” which dipped 35% from last weekend for a $14.9 million weekend and a domestic cume that is now just shy of $43 million. The film also added $11.7 million internationally this weekend for a global cume that now tops $75 million.

Landing in fourth place was Universal’s “Night School,” dipping 55% in its second weekend and pulling in an estimated $12.275 million to boost the film’s domestic cume to $46.7 million. The film brought $3.4 million internationally from 21 markets as well, totaling its overseas cume to $12 million and a global tally nearing $60 million.

Rounding out the top five was another Universal Title in “The House with a Clock in Its Walls” which dipped 42% as it enters its third weekend in release with an estimated $7.3 million for a domestic cume that now stands at $55 million.

Outside the top ten, National Geographic’s “Free Solo” had an impressive expansion with an estimated $540k from 41 theaters for a $13,171 per theater average. Right behind it was Fox’s limited release of “The Hate U Give” which delivered an estimated $500k from just 36 theaters for an astonishing $13,889 per theater average in its limited release thus far. Overall, the weekend’s top twelve pictures delivered nearly $168 million, making it the largest October weekend of all-time, topping the first weekend of October 2014 by more than $25 million.

It will be a tough act to follow, but this weekend will try it's best as the critical hit “First Man” is set to debut in approximately 3,500 locations, and Sony will release its mildly-anticipated sequel “Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween” into approximately 3,400 locations; alongside Fox’s critical thriller “Bad Times at the El Royale” which will arrive into approximately 2,800 locations. Least to say, it's an exciting time for movie fans once again.

"Night School" & "Smallfoot" Joke Their Way to the Top, "The Nun" Becomes a Franchise Best

Universal topped the weekend box office for the second week in a row, this time it was Malcolm D. Lee, Kevin Hart, and Tiffany Haddish’s comedy “Night School” taking the top spot. With an estimated $28 million weekend gross, “Night School” sealed a first-place finish short of pre-weekend forecasts. The film received an “A-” Cinemascore from opening day audiences, a grade contrary to the mixed response from critics who at times had quite the opposite opinion, with the film standing at a 30% on Rotten Tomatoes being evidence of some having a strong distaste for Hart’s 85th outing on the big screen.

How the film plays from here will be intriguing to watch, past releases for Hart have had strong openings before, like that of 2014’s “About Last Night” ($25.6m) and “Think Like a Man Too” ($29.2m). While “Night School” nestles itself between those two films, those movies shared a 1.9x multiplier and 2.23x multiplier respectively, which suggests that the newest outing for the overwhelmingly successful comedian may not run very far as a $53-62 million domestic total seems most likely.

Internationally, “Night School” brought in an estimated $5.5 million from 19 markets including a $2 million debut in the UK. The film is set to open in more major markets like Spain in mid-October followed by appearances in Italy, Mexico, and many more.

In second, Warner Bros put forth another entree into the top five-weekend box office with the animated title “Smallfoot.” With a performance that equivalated to most’s expectations, “Smallfoot” debuted with an estimated $23 million for a three-day opening that received an “A-” Cinemascore from audiences. Drawing a stark comparison to WB’s 2016 hit “Storks,” especially with critics coming out in support for this film with that of a 69% Rotten Tomatoes score, in comparison to the 65% fresh rating from the critical aggregate just two years prior.

Internationally, “Smallfoot” opened in an astounding 49 markets with an estimated $14 million to show for it, pushing the film’s overseas cume to $15.6 million after opening in just a couple markets last weekend. With Mexico leading the way with an estimated $3.6 million contribution, “Smallfoot” may have a brighter future than expected of the mythical Yeti children’s feature.

Speaking of children films, Universal’s “The House With a Clock In Its Walls” dipped a standard 53% from last weekend with an estimated $12.5 million cume over the weekend to finish in the third place slot for the weekend chart. The film’s domestic gross now stands just shy of $45 million after ten days of release, as the so-so watchable movie as prescribed by critics continues to have some so-so success.

Lionsgate’s “A Simple Favor” slid into the fourth place position with a 36% dip in its third weekend with an estimated $6.6 million. The film’s domestic cume stands at $43 million after 17 days in release, which puts it just a couple million shy of Blake Lively’s “The Shallows” as it approaches the same mark of $55 million domestically.

Rounding out the top five is WB’s “The Nun” which raked in an additional $5.4 million in its fourth weekend, and internationally and globally it brought in another $16.2 million overseas. A memorable weekend as well in which they would surpass every other previous film in the “Conjuring” universe internationally and globally, as the film pushed its international cume to $221 million for a global tally topping $330 million.

In other box office news, CBS Films’ horror/thriller “Hell Fest” fell just outside the top five with a $5.075 million weekend gross. The performance was higher than expectations, but the future may not be as surprising as opening day audiences graded the film with a “C” Cinemascore, a sign that the film may not have that long of legs. WB’s “Crazy Rich Asians” added an estimated $4.15 million to its domestic total, which now stands at $165.7 million, pushing the film past “The Proposal” to become the sixth highest grossing romantic comedy of all-time.

In limited release, Fox Searchlight’s “The Old Man & The Gun” brought in an estimated $150,000 in what is expected to be Robert Redford’s final performance. Neon’s “Monsters and Men” finished with an estimated $130,979 from 18 locations, and “All About Nina” brought in $30,614 from four locations.

Next weekend could be a big one with the release of “Venom” in over 4000 locations, the second to last live-action comic book feature of 2018, with only DC and WB’s “Aquaman” remaining on the schedule. Additionally, WB’s estimated audience Oscar-favorite “A Star is Born” will begin it's wide release run and is expected to hit well with audiences as one of the few Oscar films to gain an audience backing as much as a critical one. Needless to say, Oscar season is finally here.

"House with a Clock in Its Walls" Has a Magical Debut, and Fellow New Releases Falter

Though the weekend was one of the year’s worst, Universal’s “The House with a Clock in Its Walls” had magical debut with $26.85 million. Heading into the weekend, the expectations were fairly low twenties, and it’s not clear if this film will match a past Jack Black kid-targeted family horror, “Goosebumps,” which was outperformed by the new release by more than $3 million. “Goosebumps” went on to gross $80 million domestically, but it did receive a slightly better Cinemascore of an “A,” as compared to the “B+” Cinemascore awarded to “The House with a Clock in Its Walls.” An interesting fact worth noting is the film’s disbursement in IMAX screens, as out of the film’s 3,592 debut location, 400 of them were IMAX screens, generating an estimated $2.5 million of the film’s opening gross. International markets fared well too, as “The House with a Clock in Its Walls” debuted in 14 markets, drawing an estimated $3.1 million.

As I said though, this was one of the worst weekends for the cumulative box office in 2018, and it shows in the fellow new releases that were supposed to compete with the magical tale from Universal, but found themselves outwitted and outgunned. Beginning with “Fahrenheit 11/9,” the timely and adept documentary arrived in eighth with a $3.1 million debut from 1719 locations. The political heavy and Trump-criticizing film found a lot of appreciation from both critics and audiences with a 79% score from RottenTomatoes and an “A” Cinemascore. The problem seems to stem from the film’s lack of marketing, and as a small indie-doc that makes sense.

The other films do not share the same excuse, as Amazon Studios’ highly promoted tear-jerker “Life Itself” debuted with $2.1 million from 2609 locations, managing $807 per location, the second worst opening weekend of all-time for a film debuting in over 2500 locations. The film received largely negative reviews from critics after it's Toronto Film Festival debut, but the “B+” Cinemascore seems to mean that the audiences enjoyed its sappy material enough to recommend it to a friend, which means this movie may have a more significant effect next weekend.

Faring even worse was Neon’s “Assassination Nation,” not a favorite film of mine as you know, but a film that received mediocre buzz from critics with a 65% score on RottenTomatoes, however, the low gross led to the film being unable to be scored for audiences. The film averaged $733 per location, opening in 1403 locations to an estimated $1 million. The studio, while disappointed in the results, seemingly remains supportive of Levinson’s creation, describing it as “a bold, visionary, and ultimately cathartic response to the dumpster fire that is 2018.” While in the realm of socio-politics things are not exactly on the up and up, cinema has had a stellar year thus far, and Neon seems to forget that.

Alongside those new releases was “Colette” with an estimated $156, 788 from four locations for a strong $38,197 per theater average, and Annapurna's highly anticipated “The Sister Brothers” began it's limited run, debuting with an estimated $122,028.

While the new releases didn’t fare well, the previous releases found some more success, beginning with that of “A Simple Favor” which climbed into second place. The Lionsgate film had a stronghold, dipping just 35% in its second weekend, raking in $10.4 million, pushing the film’s domestic cume to $32.56 million. Internationally the film added $5.2 million from 36 markets for an overseas total that now stands at $10 million. Another previously released film that found more success was Warner Bros. and New Line’s “The Nun,” which dropped 44% this weekend, finishing with an estimated $10.2 million for the third-place finish of the weekend. The film’s domestic cume now tops $100 million and is the fourth film in the “Conjuring” franchise to reach the century mark, and it will soon become the second highest grossing film in the franchise, behind “The Conjuring,” which totaled out at $137.4 million. It was also the #1 film overseas for the third weekend in a row, scoring an estimated $35.4 million from 80 markets, pushing the film’s global tally towards that of $292 million.

Fox’s “The Predator” took a steep dive but landed gracefully towards a fourth-place finish with a 65% drop for an estimated $8.7 million weekend. Though it's a plunge from its chart-topping position last weekend, the film’s domestic cume is now over $40 million. That success might be it's high mark though, as the future domestic run doesn’t seem all too bright, but international markets were a little more favorable, providing $15.3 million from 82 markets. The overseas cume now stands at $54.5 million, pushing it's global tally to $94.9 million.

Unlike Fox’s short-lived hit, Warner Bros “Crazy Rich Asians” continues to scratch and claw for that top five positions, gripping onto that fifth place position with a $6.5 million weekend. It barely grasped the position from “White Boy Rick,” which grossed $5 million over the weekend, but the 25% drop in its sixth weekend of release is something special as the film currently ranks as the seventh largest romantic comedy of all-time and will soon pass “The Proposal” ($163.95m). International markets were favorable as well with an estimated $5.1 million from 35 markets for an overseas total that now stands at $47 million, and a global tally that is now $206.4 million.

Overall, it was a disappointing weekend as the top twelve generated $82.5 million, making it the third worst weekend of the year. However, Oscar season is right around the corner, and the stacked month of October seems to be seeping in anticipation, but next weekend will be a tad bit mediocre with the releases of Warner Bros. animated title “Smallfoot” and Universal’s “Night School” leading the way. Least to say, I can’t wait for those Oscar titles to come around already.

"The Predator" Hunts Its Way to #1; And "the Nun" Surpasses $200 Million Globally

20th Century Fox’s release of “The Predator” may have topped the weekend box office, but whether it was the controversy stemming from Munn’s rightful decision to speak out against Shane Black, or the dwindling franchise interest, or a combination of both, the film delivered the lowest opening weekend gross for a live-action debuting in over 4000 theaters. With an estimated $24 million gross, “The Predator’ was able to secure the #1-weekend spot, but the film has little to celebrate.

Debuting in 4307 theaters, the film averaged a near $5500 average, unseating “The Mummy” which opened to $31.6 million in 4035 locations which equates to a near $7830 per theater average. It even opened short of the 2010 shotty reboot “Predators,” which opened with $24.76 million in just 2669 locations. That film went on to gross over $52 million, which may set “The Predator” on the path for a domestic cume just shy of $50 million. The film received a “C+” Cinemascore, which isn’t a good sign for its future, and neither is the 34% Rottentomatoes score. The road ahead doesn’t look promising for the once prominent alpha killer.

Internationally wasn’t exactly a different story, debuting in 72 markets “The Predator” walked away with an estimated $30.7 million. Leading the way was Russia with an estimated $4.7 million, followed by the UK ($3.1m. The film is set to open in Argentina, Mexico, and an additional nine markets next weekend, but I don’t see a bright future for the Xenomorph’s competition.

In the runner-up position was Warner Bros “The Nun” which delivered yet another franchise record though not in the same positive frame as last weekend, the film dipped with a franchise-worst of 66% this weekend, delivering an estimated $18.2 million for a domestic gross that now tops $85 million. On the bright side, the film is still on track to top $100 million, becoming the fourth film in the franchise to do so. On the even brighter side, “The Nun” added another $33.1 million internationally, pushing it running overseas cume to $143.6 million which pushed its global tally over $200 million. In fact, it finished at $228.7 million.

Landing in the third position was Lionsgate’s “A Simple Favor” with an estimated $16 million. The R-rated thriller had approval from both audiences and critics with a “B+” Cinemascore from opening audiences and an 82% RottenTomatoes score from critics. Carrying a reported $20 million budget, the film is on the right track and has the chance to either crack $30 million or, if it's so lucky, $40 million.

Internationally, “A Simple Favor” brought in an estimated $3.5 million from 28 markets with Australia leading the way with $1.5 million. The film is set to debut in the UK, Russia, and Finland next weekend followed by openings in France, Mexico, and many more in the weeks to come.

Sony’s release of Studio 8’s “White Boy Rick,” landed in fourth place with an estimated $8.8 million debut from 2504 locations. The drug-fueled drama scored a so-so “B” Cinemascore and a mediocre 63% RottenTomatoes score. Rounding out the top five is WB’s “Crazy Rich Asians” which is now just shy of $150 million domestically after an estimated $8.7 million weekend. Internationally the rom-com added another $7.3 million for an overseas cume that now tallys $37.9 million for a worldwide total of $187 million.

Outside the top five is where we found Pure Flix’s “Unbroken: Path to Redemption” which fell to the lower end of expectations with a $2.35 million weekend gross from 1620 locations, a theater average of $1450. Elsewhere, WB’s “The Meg” added $3.8 million to its domestic total reaching $137 million, as well as $6 million internationally for a global tally of $505 million. Additionally, Paramount’s “Mission: Impossible - Fallout” landed another $2.3 million, pushing the film’s domestic cume over $216 million, becoming the highest domestic grossing release in the franchise. The film also aggregated $15.9 million from overseas for a global tally that now exceeds $760 million.

Next weekend, Universal will release its family-targeted feature “The House with a Clock in its Walls” in 3000+ locations, and Amazon Studios will debut “Life Itself” into 2500 locations, and “Fahrenheit 11/9” will release into 1500 theaters. The weekend looks busy and promising for both audiences and critics as the year begins to heat up as we near the year’s end.

"The Nun" Possesses the Box Office & "Crazy Rich Asians" Almost Overcomes the Competition Once Again

Warner Brothers’ and New Line’s “The Nun” made good on expectations, setting a franchise record for opening weekend and delivering the second largest September opening ever. With an estimated $53.5 million, “The Nun” destroyed the previous franchise opening weekend record set by the very first “The Conjuring” at $41.8 million. Being the second largest ever in September, topping the $48.4 million opening of “Hotel Transylvania 2,” “The Nun” delivered yet another strong outing for the remarkably successful month it has been for Warner Brothers Studios.

Though far behind the massive $123.4 million opening set by last year’s “IT,” the largest opening for a horror film ever, “The Nun” still had a successful weekend but faces a tough road ahead. Playing to a gender balanced audience that was predominantly 25 and older, “The Nun” was seen as mediocre to audiences with a “C” Cinemascore and lesser than sufficient for critics with a 26% RottenTomatoes score. With a domestic performance presumably on par with “Annabelle: Creation” of $155 million, but with audiences and critics being unfavorable in response to the film’s quality, “The Nun” may suffer a massive drop next weekend.

Internationally, “The Nun” was also a hit by delivering $77.5 million from 60 overseas markets for a massive $131 million global debut. As the highest grossing international opening among films in the “Conjuring” universe in like-for-like markets, including the largest opening for a horror film in 19 of those markets. The film’s top market was Mexico which provided $10.7 million. Looking ahead, “The Nun” has yet to open in France, South Korea, Italy, Russia, Hong Kong, and Japan.

STX’s “Peppermint” debuted within expectations, delivering $13.26 million over the weekend. The debut is ahead of MGM’s “Death Wish,” but a shade behind the $14.4 million debuts of “John Wick.” The film’s “B+” Cinemascore is a shade better than the “B” Cinemascore given to “John Wick” and equal to the “B+” Cinemascore awarded “Death Wish.”

The studio is expecting a strong $35+ million domestic run, as well as a great international run when it opens in 17 markets this weekend. Though not well received by critics with a 13% RottenTomatoes score, audiences seem to be in favor of the feminine shoot em’ up, but we’ll see how far it can run at the box office.

Warner Bros finds another one of its films in third place with “Crazy Rich Asians” which encountered it's first ever significant drop of 40.1%. Bringing in an estimated $13.6 million over the weekend, pushing its domestic total over $136 million. The film added another $5.6 million from overseas markets, bring the international cume to $28.5 million bringing its global cume to just shy of $165 million.

In fourth is WB’s “The Meg,” the third warner bros film in the top five. Pushing its domestic total over $131 million after a $6 million weekend. Internationally, the film grossed an additional $11.3 million to it's now $360.4 million overseas total and bringing its global tally to $492 million. Sony’s “Searching” wasn’t far behind with a $4.5 million weekend. The film also added $7.5 million internationally from 8 markets which brought the overseas cume to $17.7 million.

Outside the top five, you can find “Mission: Impossible - Fallout,” which brought in an estimated $3.8 million, pushing its domestic total to $212.2 million, just $3.3 million shy of topping “Mission: Impossible II” to become the highest-grossing domestic release in the franchise. With an estimated $38.6 million added to the overseas cume, pushing the film’s cume to $726.6 million making it the highest grossing worldwide releases for both the franchise and Tom Cruise.

Next weekend will see the release of Fox’s “The Predator,” and Lionsgate’s “A Simple Favor” and Sony studios will debut “White Boy Rick” as the year rolls on with Oscar season right around the corner as the best of best begin their box office runs.

"Crazy Rich Asians" Continues Its Stellar Run; "Fallout" Scores Big in China & "Incredibles 2" Passes $600 Million

“Crazy Rich Asians” is continuing it's stellar run, finishing atop of the weekend box office for the third weekend in a row and topping $110 million domestically. Sony’s “Searching” delivered a strong performance as well, while Paramount’s “Mission: Impossible - Fallout” made a big debut in China. Not to mention, Disney and Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” became only the ninth film ever to top $600 million at the domestic box office. It’s no small feat to say that this four day weekend left behind some noteworthy significance. 

Starting off with Jon M. Chu’s Asian ensemble and unashamedly Asian proud, romantic comedy, a film that has seemingly gained popularity over its now three-week run. Last weekend, the film fell a historic 5.7%, and this weekend was a more significant drop-off but by a small additional 10%. The film is expected to finish the four-day weekend with $28 million, but current estimates as of Monday evening have the film steady at $22 million. Either way, the film will surpass $110 million in its overall domestic cume. The film overseas total is now just shy of $20 million, bringing in an estimated $10.4 million from 24 markets; including a $5.4 million debut in Australia. (The largest opening for a Rom-Com ever in that particular market) 

Warner Brothers didn’t stop their success there, as “The Meg” swallowed an additional $10.5 million over the weekend, and the current expectations for its four-day finish reside around $13 million. The domestic gross now sits at over $120 million, and international markets continue to be favorable as well with another $17.7 million arriving from 65 markets. The worldwide total now approaches $463 million, and the film’s top market remains to be China where the film has accumulated $150 million. 

Paramount isn’t far behind with “Mission: Impossible - Fallout” being it's big success thus far, dipping just 13.4% as it enters its sixth weekend in release, pulling in an estimated $7 million. The film is anticipated to provide an estimated $9 million when the four-day weekend comes to its end, pushing its domestic cume to $206 million. 

Internationally is where the big story takes place, as the sixth entree in the “Mission: Impossible” franchise debut in China, delivering an astounding $77.3 million debut, providing approximately 87% of the massive $89.1 million overseas total from the weekend. At this point, the film is nearing a $443 million international total for a global tally of $647 million. Now just $12 million behind the franchises previous entree (Rogue Nation; the franchises highest grossing worldwide release), “Mission: Impossible - Fallout” may prove to be both the critically approved and audience approved film of the franchise. 

In fourth place is MGM’s “Operation Finale,” debuting to an estimated $6 million, expected to improve by a mere $1.7 million by tonight's end. Opening weekend audiences seem to relatively enjoy the film with an “A-” Cinemascore, and critics have been favorable with a 62% fresh rating on RottenTomatoes. 

Rounding out the top five is Sony’s “Searching,” expanding into 1,207 locations over the weekend. After a strong limited debut, the film generated an estimated $5.7 million in wide release, a $4,672  per theater average. The film is expected to push $7 million for the four-day holiday weekend total, a domestic cume totaling $7.5 million by Monday. Critics have praised the film with a 91% RottenTomatoes score, and audiences will continue to weigh in as the film rolls out into more theaters. 

Just outside the top ten is Disney and Pixar’s “Incredibles 2,” which bumped up it's theater count this weekend to 2,890 locations and saw a 92.5% increase for a $3.16 million three-day, pushing the film’s domestic gross past the $600 million limit, becoming the ninth film in domestic box office history. 

Down the listing you can find Lionsgate’s “Kin” in the 12th place slot, debuting in 2,141 theaters this weekend and bringing in a mere $3 million over the three-day weekend, and should top $3.6 million by the end of the extra fourth day. Internationally was not any more favorable, bringing in an estimated $1.8 million from 23 markets, the bulk of which came from France. 

It was a big weekend for the box office; next weekend will presumably have an impact as well with Warner Bros’ “The Nun” arrives into theaters in over 3,700 locations. STX’s “Peppermint” will also arrive in over 2,850 locations. The dog days of August are over, and the holiday season is right around the corner as both Oscar-season, and the latter half of blockbuster movies find their way to the silver screen. 

"Crazy Rich Asians" Gets Richer and "The Happytime Murders" Disappoints

“Crazy Rich Asians” keeps on trucking through the dog day afternoons of August, demolishing the competition once again and following up the last weekend with a mere 5.7% drop, grossing an impressive $25 million. Warner Bros continues to dominate the month as well, with “The MEG” following behind their Asian ensemble, while the raunchy muppets fail to gain a penny of notice. 

Starting off the list, “Crazy Rich Asians” cumed it's domestic total over $76 million after just 12 days of release, on its way to what could presumably be a $150+ million domestic run. With one of the smallest second-weekend drops of all-time, it's hard not to think that this film isn’t onto some significant success, and the four-day labor day weekend will seemingly grant an even more surprising feat. It wasn’t all home cooking though, international markets were just as favorable for the rom-com spectacular, adding 12 new markets for a total of 18. Bringing in an estimated $6 million for an early overseas gross of $7.1 million, Singapore lending $1.8 million of that foreign weekend total, the largest opening for a romantic comedy ever in that market. Looking ahead, the film is set to open in Australia on August 30th followed by a mid-September release in the UK.

In a repeat of last weekend, WB secured the second place finish as well as “The Meg” fed on the box office with an estimated $13 million adding to it's now $105.3 million domestic total. The film is now in the top 20 of domestic grosses in 2018, earning a 15th place ranking between Sony’s “Peter Rabbit” and Disney’s “A Wrinkle in TIme.” 

Internationally, “The Meg” swam tough as well with another $32.7 million, cuming a $303.3 overseas total as it now approaches $410 million with it's worldwide gross. Opening in France and 65 other territories this past weekend, China remains the heavy hitter though, contributing a $143 million total thus far. 

In third, STX’s “The Happytime Murders” debuted with a disappointing $10 million. The warning signs were laid out before the film hit theaters, especially with the forewarning critical reception resulting in a rotten 23% score on RottenTomatoes. My feelings didn’t differ much with a ¼ rating, neither did the audiences with a pitiful “C-” Cinemascore, compared to the “B” rating for both “Life of the Party” and “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” received before opening with $17.8 million and $16.6 million respectively. The audience turnout was quite revealing when discussing the film’s miserable debut though, with 59% of the crowd being male and predominantly 25 or older which signifies a more male-dominated and younger crowd than turned out for the previous films I’ve mentioned. Needing a younger and more feminine stamp of approval, “The Happytime Murders” is not looking so happy with itself after its lousy debut. 

Paramount’s “Mission: Impossible - Fallout” dipped a mere 26% this weekend, delivering an $8 million fifth weekend total, just shy of overcoming the new and R-rating approved puppet movie. The film’s domestic cume is a hair shy of $194 million, and the film continues to pace ahead of the franchise’s domestic leader “Mission: Impossible II” by approximately $5 million. Paramount hopes to see a franchise-best performance, also boosting it's international sum by $13 million, pushing it's worldwide aggregation to over $538 million.  

Rounding out the top five is the box office juggernaut known as Disney, as “Christopher Robin" is having an unfamiliar but relatively positive outing for the dominating studio. Bringing in an estimated $6.3 million, the film now stands at $76 million domestically, and with the $35.1 million overseas assistance, the worldwide gross rests at $112.7 million.  

It isn’t until the ninth position that you find Global Road’s “A.X.L.” Unreviewed by Flickcrave, I can only assume that the numbers tell the story as a $2.9 million opening doesn’t exactly ring the bell of success. With a $1,719 per theater average, the performance is definitely not worth celebrating and could be the final nail in the coffin for Global Road studios as the financial backers are overlooking the domestic feature production and distribution division as reported earlier this week, which may be one of the first signals of another studio declaring bankruptcy in the foreseeable future. A pair of films remain on the slate for the sinking studio, but it may not be Global Road who release those films in the end. 

In other news, Charlie Hunnam and Rami Malek's pairing of performances in “Papillion” opened with $1.15 million from 544 locations, averaging a solid $2,115 per theater average. Elsewhere, Sony’s cyber-thriller feature debuted in nine locations and reported an estimated $360,000 for a strong $40k per theater average. The film will expand into 1,100 more locations this weekend. A review will also find its way onto the homepage at some point and time, so stay tuned. 

One final note worth mentioning involves Mickey Mouse as that whistling mouse can continue whistling and sailing as the ever-so dominant Disney and Marvel studio pairing gained an estimated $68 million gross from the “Ant-Man and The Wasp” China debut. The opening pushes the global tally to $544 million, and the film will open in Japan, it's final major market, next weekend. For those of you who thought the year of Disney was over, close but no cigar. 

"Crazy Rich Asians" Dominates with $34 Million Opening; "Mile 22" & "Alpha" Fall Short

August is notably referred to as the dog days of the year, the dwindling finale to the summer, but Warner Bros.’ has now delivered back to back weekends that have provided a needed boost. With “The MEG” last weekend providing a solid opening weekend, “Crazy Rich Asians” is following suit with a $34 million 5-day opening weekend. 

Despite many’s aggressive expectations, “Crazy Rich Asians” could only do so much, unable to match the success of fellow cultural heavy ensembles. On a reported $30 million budget, “Crazy Rich Asians” seems to be on the up and up with both critics and audiences backing it. RottenTomatoes rewarded the film with an unexpected 97% certified fresh rating, a little too high in my opinion, and the audiences followed with an “A” Cinemascore. The three-day weekend could be narrowed down to $25.2 million as the five-day opening seems to have provided a needed lift, but the film’s international outing was a different story. Proving to be a domestic hit, “Crazy Rich Asians” would stumble overseas with a mere $730,000 opening from six markets. The film has a staggering release overseas with more significant markets to follow over the coming weeks. 

WB also snagged the second place finish with “The MEG” which fell a mere 53% and provided $21.15 million gross in its second weekend, pushing the film’s domestic total to $84 million. International markets were favorable as well, bringing in an estimated $67 million from 55 markets, driving it's overseas’ gross to an impressive $230.4 million for a global tally that is totaling nearly $315 million. 

The gravy train from WB runs short though, STX’s “Mile 22” came in short of expectations, delivering an estimated $13.6 million. The negative critical reception seems to have worked against the film, and the lackluster “B-” Cinemascore has not provided the needed assistance. Carrying a reported $35 million budget, the film’s international markets we’re looked to for help in softening the blow, but the mere six international markets provided a total of $538,000. The film still has time to catch up, but the current estimates may show a flop in the making. 

Arriving in fourth place, behind expectations as well, is Sony’s “Alpha” with an opening weekend of $10.5 million, tying itself with “Mission: Impossible - Fallout” for a spot in the top five. The film got a surprising amount of praise from critics for its visual acuity, but audiences bestowed the film with a mediocre “B+” Cinemascore rating, which may explain the poor performance. With a reported $50 million budget, “Alpha” is off to a poor start. 

Rounding out the top five is Paramount’s “Mission: Impossible - Fallout” which fell 45.7% from last weekend, delivering a $10.5 million weekend, as well as an additional $20.5 million from overseas. The film’s domestic cume now rests at $180 million, and the cumulative total is pushing itself over $500 million. The critical hit and audience favored film seem to roll on, as another critical hit dipped just 35%, as Focus Features’ “BlacKkKlansman” reigned in $7 million over the weekend, now totaling out at $23 million, domestically. 

Overall, the weekend was up approximately 41% from last year, and August is pacing 24% ahead of last year’s month. That said, last year was the worst August in 20 years, a feat that would be hard to equal. Next weekend may be another surprise too, with STX’s “Happytime Murders” and Sony’s “Searching” finding their way into theaters, as 2018 seems to continue being a year of change at the multiplex, and it's changing for the better. 

"The MEG" Swallows the Competition, Debuting with $45.4 Million.

Thanks to Warner Bros. “The MEG,” the mid-august weekend was devoured, with the film delivering a $45.4 million opening weekend in domestic markets. Opening in a wide amount of theaters, the 70ft beast unleashed its wide “JAWS” on the box office, chomping away the competitors, as the nearest source of competition was “Mission: Impossible - Fallout” which grossed $19 million in its third weekend. 

“The MEG” was the talk of Amity town though, giving Jon Turteltaub the largest opening of his career as a director, and outside of the “Fast and the Furious” franchise, it’s Statham’s biggest opening weekend as well. The film wasn't only a domestic monster though, it also landed some phenomenal results from international markets with a $101.5 million cumulative performance over the weekend, China providing a little less than half of that gross with $50.7 million. The film will debut in South Korea and Australia this weekend, and France and Japan later on.  

Looking ahead, “The MEG” will be swimming steadily with the only foreseeable competitor being some inner Studio competition in “Crazy Rich Asians,” which has the potential to be an unpredictable hit of massive proportions. Providing a prominent stage to an underserved demographic, one that is sure to come out in droves to see this novella adaptation. The question for "The MEG" will be how much of that opening audience will spread the word, with a “B” Cinemascore, the film has some steady momentum and its second weekend will tell the story. 

Second place, as mentioned, is awarded to Tom Cruise and the MI6 crew as “Mission: Impossible - Fallout” dropped 45% from last weekend, a shade more of a slowdown than expected as the film’s domestic gross has been pushed to $161 million. The gap between the franchises best domestic performer “Mission: Impossible 2” continues to shrink, and the global tally levels up to $436.9 million as “Mission: Impossible - Fallout” added $38.4 million from overseas markets. 

Disney’s “Christopher Robin” settled into third place with a $12.9 million gross in its second weekend, a 47.3% dip that brings its domestic cume to around $50 million. The international markets provided a needed assistance of $4 million that grew it's global tally to $62 million, as Winnie the Pooh and his friends continue to remain on pace with “Pete’s Dragon.” 

“Slender Man” underperformed with both audiences and critics, receiving a 14% Rotten score on RottenTomatoes and a .5/4 rating from us at Flick Crave, as well as a “D-” Cinemascore from audiences.  Ending its opening weekend run with an $11.37 million gross, a fourth-place finish that is expected to drop drastically due to its lack of resonance with audiences. 

Rounding at the top five is Spike Lee’s “BlacKkKlansman,” one of 2018’s best films found itself with a successful weekend of $10.8 million from 1,512 locations, averaging about $9,300 per theater. The third largest debut in Lee’s career and the audiences seem to agree with critics with an “A-” Cinemascore and a 97% certified fresh score from RottenTomatoes, suggesting this film may have a lot more gas left in the tank. 

Elsewhere you can find “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” with an additional $5.86 million, and LD Entertainment’s “Dog Days” suffered from the dog days of August with a mere $2.55 million opening. Although, the yearly differences are up as 2018’s August is off to a hot start in comparison to 2017’s, a 25% weekend increase, with the top twelve grossing over $132 million. 

“Crazy Rich Asians,” “Mile 22,” and “Alpha” will storm into theaters this weekend, and all of it seems to amount to a dull finish for the 2018 summer calendar. Few standouts are on their way, and all the big hitters have slowed down, but it's been a summer of records, with hopefully more to be broken throughout the year, only time will tell. 

"Mission: Impossible - Fallout" Rolls on with the Mission, "Christopher Robin" Prematurely Runs out of Honey, and Black Panther Grosses $700 Million

A hefty title for a weekend full of shortcomings, Wakandian accolades, and the vigorous running legs of Tom Cruise, as the fastest man alive and his fellow co-stars, including Henry Cavill’s mustache, find themselves at the number one spot two weeks in a row. The franchise of spy cliches and five stars set pieces finds itself with a $35 million follow-up to their $61 million opening a week ago, a 42% drop off, approximately. 

The film itself has been received well as we mentioned last week, but audiences seem to dig the motorcycle chases and continued involvement of nuclear threats as well, providing their hard earned money for a second week in a row as the film’s domestic cume now stands just shy of $125 million. The international markets flourished as well, bringing an estimated $76 million from 56 markets, including 20 new opening amongst those markets. Now standing at $205 million in it's foreign gross, “Fallout” is expanding and conquering as one of the summer’s best action flicks extended to $329.5 million global tally, 21% ahead of “Rogue Nation” and quickly closing in on “Ghost Protocols” $694 million. 

   Click on the Image for our Full Review

Click on the Image for our Full Review

Coming up short of first place is Disney’s “Christopher Robin,” falling short of expectations with a $25 million opening in a little over 3,600 locations. A slight improvement over the $21.5 million opening of “Pete’s Dragon,” but a stumble for the most successful studio in the industry, struggling to make it's homegrown features sound as essentially must watch features as that of their Marvel or Lucasfilm counterparts. An “A” Cinemascore and a relatively positive response from critics, including a 2.5/4 rating from us here at Flick Crave, the film has a following behind it, but the marketing seems to have fallen short of spreading the word of Pooh’s big return. 

   Click on the Image for our Full Review

Click on the Image for our Full Review

Internationally, “Christopher Robin” delivered in 18 markets with $4.8 million total, with Mexico accounting for $1.4 million of that gross from 15% of the worldwide marketplace. The silly old bear will need some more honey to get him out of this sticky start, as in the third place we find “The Spy Who Dumped Me” which debuted with $12.35 million opening. With a reported budget of $40 million, the film is off to a slow start itself, meandering like Pooh through hundred acre wood. 

Receiving a “B” Cinemascore, a lack of approval from critics with the Tomatometer standing at 39% Rotten, and our review bringing a low rating as well with 1.5/4 stars, the film seems to have a lack of approval behind it. But with a 62% Female lead audience, next weekend will determine the legs behind the stumbling spy-comedy that seems to be in need of a bit more dumb luck than its characters are given within the story told by Susanna Fogel and David Iserson. 

   Click on the Image for our Full Review

Click on the Image for our Full Review

In fourth place belonged to the musical led sequel in “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” which fell by an additional 40% from last weekend with a $9 million follow-up in its third weekend. The domestic total now resides at the $91 million mark, and the foreign markets carried the duets to $139.2 million as it opened in seven new markets, pushing its global tally into the ballpark of $230 million. 

Rounding out the top five is Denzel Washington’s comic book-style shoot em’ up “The Equalizer 2” which fell an additional 37% from a week ago, bringing in a mere $8.7 million over the weekend. The domestic cume now pushes itself towards the $80 million range, as the film continues to play in a mere 11 markets in international markets. 

Below the top five, you can find Bo Burnham’s and A24’s “Eighth Grade” opening in nationwide format to a $2.87 million weekend, and Fox’s teenage melodrama “The Darkest Minds” debuting in over 3,100 theaters with an abysmal $5.8 million tenure over the weekend. International markets didn’t fare any better as the 37 markets produced a combined $4.8 million, which makes the $34 million seem like a tough hill to climb. 

A film that climbed an historic mountain over the weekend was the Wakandian native “Black Panther,” surpassing the historic $700 million stamp, joining the two other state-based phenomenons in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” ($936.6m) and “Avatar” ($760.5m). The Wakandian king seems to have conquered the feat that “The Avengers,” “Civil War,” and any DC film seemingly have been unable to overcome, another trophy to add to the king’s collection as the phenomenon of “Wakanda Forever” rolls on. 

   Click on the Image for our Full Review

Click on the Image for our Full Review

The year rolls on as well, with a 15% increase over the twenty year low of August 2017. The upcoming weekend looks favorable as well with Spike Lee’s expressionistic and downright aggressive “BlacKkKlansman” readies itself for a nationwide release, a film that is sure to spark some kind of outrage from fans of “Death of a Nation,” which sadly arrived into 1,005 locations over the weekend. Hopefully, it goes away silently, while Lee’s voice out shouts anyone who is apart of that ignorant camp of thought. 

Blockbuster markets will see a new friend as well as “The MEG” swims into theaters and our “JAWS That Made The MEG Series” reaches it's finale this week with reviews for both “JAWS 3” and “JAWS 4.” The slenderest of monsters reveals his plain face to audiences, as Screen Gems’ “Slender Man” arrives in what could be a sleeper hit in the making. With the backing of both the video game culture and recent horrific tragedies, “Slender Man” like “The MEG” may be our story of the rant next week, we’ll have to wait and see. 

"Mission: Impossible - Fallout" Rescues a Franchise Best with a $61.5 Million Opening


This past weekend saw Paramount Pictures’’ “Mission: Impossible - Fallout” surpassing franchise box office records with critical appreciation. The film scored a $61.5 million opening, Tom Cruise’s second largest opening in his long and illustrious career. Warner Bros’ “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies” fell short of expectations, and the weekend itself was up by approximately 6% from 2017. 

“Mission: Impossible - Fallout” fell short of expectations, but manage to squeak out the franchise’s largest three-day opening weekend, topping the $57.8 million opening of “M:I 2” from 2000. Tom Cruise neared his 2005 “War of the Worlds” record of $64.8 million, but should be satisfied with the victory nonetheless, as will Paramount which scored their largest opening weekend since 2014’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” 

With the strong critical appreciation with a 98% fresh rating on RottenTomatoes.com, a 4/4 grade from Rogerebert.com, and a 3/4 grade from us here at Flickcrave.com, there should be no shortage of legs to be found with this film. Add in the franchise-best “A” Cinemascore from an audience that was 55% male and 45% female according to Cinemascore’s data, and you can expect that this spy thriller of an action film may have a long, successful road ahead of itself.  Most likely surpassing the $195 million run by “Rogue Nation,” “Mission: Impossible - Fallout” might stride it's way to a top 10 summer box office finish when its all said and done. 

Internationally, “Fallout” is looking to surpass the two past $700 million global performances with a $92 million opening from 36 markets. The most prosperous of those markets being South Korea which accounted for $24.6 million of that foreign cume, the film is still set to open in France, Australia, Japan, and Germany next weekend, and Italy and China will follow over the next few weeks. 

   Click on the image to read our full review

Click on the image to read our full review

In second place was Universal’s “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” which dropped by a hefty 57% from last weekend’s successful opening that resulted in a $15 million gross, pushing the film’s domestic cume over $70 million. A big drop that looks to have quieted the Abba rhythms of last weekend, the dance partner from previous weekend in “The Equalizer 2” also experienced some heavy drops. 61% down from the successful number one spot from a weekend ago, “The Equalizer 2” scored $14 million,  adding to a domestic total that is now just shy of $65 million. 

   Click on the image to read our full review

Click on the image to read our full review

“Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation” joined the pivotal drops of the summer with a $12.3 million opening that will push its domestic gross just shy of $120 million, and “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies” was the biggest slump of the weekend, falling well under the mid-teens expectations with a $10.5 million opening. DC’s animated heroes struggle to gain the traction needed, but with a $10 million budget, the blow of the weekend should be softened. 

Elsewhere in the top ten, you can find “Ant-Man and the Wasp” which scored an additional $8.4 million to push it's domestic cume to $183.2 million, becoming the 16th largest release in the MCU, domestically. 

   Click on the image to read our full review

Click on the image to read our full review

Disney also occupied a seventh-place spot with Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” which has now surpassed the $575 million mark in domestic markets and continues to build the $1 billion worldwide mark, which would make this the 36th film to reach that spot, and the fourth Pixar movie of the group as well. 

Smaller budget movies like A24’s “Eighth Grade” delivered a strong weekend with $1.3 million for an $8,339 per theater average, and Lionsgate’s “Blindspotting” wasn’t far behind with $1.3 million from 532 locations, pushing their domestic cume to $1.79 million. 

Next weekend will see another Disney release with “Christopher Robin” and Lionsgate’s star-studded, R rated, action comedy “The Spy Who Dumped Me” might provide some stiff competition, but the return of Winnie the Pooh is sure to fill up the theater seats. 

"Equalizer 2" Kills Its Way to the Top, and "Mamma Mia" Soars Higher Than Its Predecessor

The sequels seem to have dominated the weekend, trailblazing a new record in how eight of the top ten movies at the box office were sequels. Two of those newly written chapters find themselves in competition at the heap of the charts, as Sony’s “The Equalizer 2” and Universal’s “Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again” traded blows throughout the weekend. 

Sony’s newest entree into the franchise was able to edge out the competition though, as “The Equalizer 2” stood atop, slicing and dicing it's way to the weekend throne, grossing an estimated $35.8 million. Topping the $34.1 million opening of the first film, “The Equalizer 2” may have dropped in quality, but it managed to do quite the opposite in the realm of finances. Receiving an “A” Cinemascore, Antoine Fuqua’s and Denzel Washington’s sequel, both sharing the success for their first respective sequels in their careers, able to surpass their past film’s opening gross and audience satisfaction, as the first film received an “A-” Cinemascore.

Seemingly in line to arrive just a bit short of the last film, the international markets seem to have assisted with $3.3 million from 11 markets, with Australia providing a strong helping hand with an estimated $2.2 million. Over the coming weeks, “Equalizer 2” is set to open in 10 other foreign markets, the tight race will expectedly not last as long though. 

   Click on the Image to Read the Full Review

Click on the Image to Read the Full Review

“Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again” was the other competitor this weekend, bringing an estimated $34.38 million, a second place finish by a mere $1.42 million. One of the tightest races of the year just a bit below weekend estimates though, “Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again” still delivered a strong debut, outperforming the last film by a mere $7 million. In 2008, “Mamma Mia” finished it's run with $144 million, making an insurmountable hill to conquer for the sequel. The fourth largest opening weekend ever for a musical, “Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again” scored an “A-” Cinemascore an additional $13.1 million from 41 international markets.

The summer season to be favorable though, with little to no competition for a female audience targeted film. “Hotel Transylvania 3” finds itself in third place, dropping 47%, and delivering an estimated $23.3 million. Adding an estimated $37.7 million from international markets, cuming its total to $206.7 million with 55.9% stemming from overseas. 

Buzzing to fourth place is “Ant-Man and the Wasp” which dropped 45% in its third weekend of release, the domestic total now sits at $165 million, and also managed to pull in an estimated $21.6 million from international markets for an overseas cume that rounds out at about $189 million, bringing the film’s total gross to $353.5 million. 

   Click on the Image to Read the Full Review

Click on the Image to Read the Full Review

Rounding out the top five is “Incredibles 2,” delivering an additional $11.5 million from domestic markets bringing its total to $557.3 million, marking the second time in history that all five films at the top of the weekend box office were all sequels. $36.5 million also came from international markets as the film’s global cume rests at $940.4 million as it storms it's way closer to $1 billion to become the fourth Pixar movie to cross that barrier.

   Click on the Image to Read the Full Review

Click on the Image to Read the Full Review

The rest of the top ten included “Skyscraper” which dropped 54.4% and “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” dropping another 30.5% as both films remained in the $11 million ballpark.  Blumhouses’ “Unfriended: The Dark Web” arrived at the box office to a mere $3.49 million, finding itself in ninth place. The $1 million production budget should help that gross feel a lot more significant than it seems though, as another low-budget film finds itself rounding out the top ten as “Sorry To Bother You” scored another $2.8 million, dropping 32%. 

Another independent film like “Blindspotting” finds itself with $332,500 from 14 theaters, setting itself up for a great weekend when it goes wide. Blockbusters like “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Deadpool 2” find themselves in the lower half of the teens now, both of the films revolving around the same ballpark numbers of $400,000, but “Mission Impossible - Fallout” is set to have a massive weekend with a significant amount of critical support backing its release. Hopefully, some more assistance is on its way from us here at FlickCrave.com as a busy week is in order. 

"Ant-Man and the Wasp" Hums to #1 as the 20th Entree into the MCU, and "Incredibles 2" Passes $500 Million.

It’s another Monday, another Box Office Rant, and another weekend with a Disney movie #1 at the box office. As we enter the 27th weekend of 2018, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has claimed #1 at the box office nine times, and now with the twentieth entry in the MCU, “Ant-Man and the Wasp” has debuted with $76 million. Out-performing “Ant-Man” by nearly $20 million, “Ant-Man and the Wasp” delivered a surprising opening weekend that seemed to stem mostly from its Friday performance. It accounted for 44.5% of its overall weekend gross, the largest in MCU history, ahead of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” (44.1%). 

Receiving an “A-” Cinemascore from opening weekend audiences and with the audience demographics relatively similar to the first film, “Ant-Man and the Wasp” seems to be that solid base hit that Marvel Studios needs to end out the year on a high. With “Black Panther” scoring a massive $699 million domestic total and a $1.3 billion gross worldwide and “Avengers: Infinity War” racking up $674 million domestically and trailing the third all-time record spot by a mere $28 million in its 10th week with $2.040 billion to its worldwide total. 

   Click on the Image Above for our Full Review

Click on the Image Above for our Full Review

With the possibility of a $209 million domestic total, “Ant-Man and the Wasp” should be another success for Marvel in the United States. Internationally, “Ant-Man and the Wasp” opened in approximately 48% of the foreign markets, delivering an estimated $85 million from across the seas. Debuting with a $161 million at the global box office, about 45% higher than the last film. Future releases include France on July 18th, followed by Germany, U.K. Japan, and Italy in the weeks following. 

Second place goes to “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” in its third weekend; the film dropped off by 53% from the previous, delivering $28.6 million over the weekend. Pushing $333 million with its domestic numbers, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” isn’t landing as hard with domestic audiences, but worldwide audiences are providing the film with a large helping hand. 

Crossing $1 billion at the global box office on Friday, adding an additional $27.6 million from overseas and bringing it's international total to $725 million, making international markets responsible for 68.6% of its total gross, a scary sign to see that feels reminiscent of Paramount’s and Dreamwork’s “Transformers” franchise.  

   Click on the Image Above for our Full Review

Click on the Image Above for our Full Review

Third place went to “Incredibles 2” which became the highest grossing animated film in domestic markets, surpassing the $500 million mark. Just shy of topping their Disney family member, “Beauty and the Beast,” it has become the 11th highest grossing domestic release of all-time. Delivering an additional $29 million over the weekend, the long-awaited Pixar sequel seems to be another home run for the highest grossing studio of the decade. 

Internationally, “Incredibles 2” debuted in France this weekend with $10.6 million, becoming the sixth largest market for “Incredibles 2” in the foreign markets, following behind China. Grossing $727 million from overseas, “Incredibles 2” is stomping its way to an $800 million worldwide total, but still has yet to open in Spain, Italy, Japan, and Germany. 

   Click on the Image Above for our Full Review

Click on the Image Above for our Full Review

In fourth, we find Blumhouse’s “The First Purge,” which debuted on Wednesday and finished out the weekend with a $17.1 million total from the weekend and a five day total of $31 million. As the fourth film in the franchise, all of which delivered strong domestic performances on low-budgets, with the “Purge: Election Year” being the standout. With a soft “B-” Cinemascore, the film’s low-budget will be a helping hand in turning a substantial profit. 

   Click on the Image Above for our Full Review

Click on the Image Above for our Full Review

Rounding out the top five is “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” which dipped a hefty 61.6%, underperforming with $7.3 million for a domestic cume that stands at $35.3 million as it begins its second week of release. “Ocean’s 8” delivered an additional $5.28 million as it places itself in seventh place, and “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” expands into 893 locations, landing in the ninth position with $2.59 million. “Ocean’s 8” domestic total now sits at $126 million and “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” totals at $12.38 million, as smaller films like “Whitney” ($1.25 million) and “Sorry to Bother You” ($717,302) opened with substantial numbers as small films continue to soar. 

The coming weekend holds “Skyscraper” and “Hotel Transylvania 3” in its wings, Dwayne Johnson could give what looks like a mediocre movie a substantial boost but the year still seems insanely great for movie audiences, with box office numbers soaring past expectations. 

"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" Remains at the Top of the Food Chain at the Box Office, While "Sicario 2" Debuts.

Universal’s “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” remains at the top of the food chain at the box office, while “Sicario: Day of the Soldado.” debuts. “Incredibles 2” remains right under the top spot, and “Uncle Drew” follows “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” for a fourth-place finish. Not to mention, Fox International’s “Sanju” powers to a top ten finish, and “Avengers: Infinity War” continues to race towards its final record-breaking gross. 

Universal’s “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” remains at number one for its second weekend in a row, dropping an estimated 59% by grossing an estimated $60 million. Now shy of $265 million with its domestic total, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” moves closer to a billion dollar total as it brought in an additional $56.1 million from 68 markets to bring its overseas cume to $667.5 million. Their worldwide total sits at $932.4 million, and it still has yet to release in Japan. 

   Click on the image for our full review

Click on the image for our full review

Disney and Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” finished in second place and continued it's run at that same spot from last weekend, dropping approximately 43% from last weekend to bring in a total of $45.5 million from domestic markets. Their domestic total sits at $439.7 million currently, making it the second highest grossing Pixar movie of all-time and the third largest animated title ever. 

Internationally, “Incredibles 2” continued its strong performance by topping $200 million for a global tally of $646.8 million, with $40.8 million stemming from China. Only playing in approximately 51% of all international markets, “Incredibles 2” has a lot of potential in front of it's run, as the film has still yet to debut in major foreign markets such as France which will happen this weekend. It will follow up that debut with another in the U.K. and South Korea in mid-July, and later this year in Germany. 

   Click on the image for our full review

Click on the image for our full review

Sony’s release of “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” outperformed expectations, placing itself in third place at the weekend box office by delivering a $19 million opening weekend from over 3,000 locations. Receiving a “B” Cinemascore, this is a strong start for the $35 million productions which outperformed the first film’s opening weekend of $7 million. Though that first film had a much lengthier run, playing for 17 weeks and grossing $46.8 million, something that it's sequel will probably not be afforded to be given as the expectations for the film’s total domestic cume reside around $50 million. 

Internationally, “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” brought in $8.4 million from 55 markets. With its release being handled by both Lionsgate and Sony, the film had some high points in markets such as South Korea ($1.2 million) and Australia (976,000). 

   Click on the image for our full review

Click on the image for our full review

Lionsgate’s basketball driven comedy, “Uncle Drew,” opened this past weekend as well, delivering the fourth place finish with $15.5 million opening from 2,472 locations. Playing to a split audience of 59% male and 58% female and receiving an “A” Cinemascore, a $35 million domestic total doesn’t seem out of reach for this sports stars driven comedy. 

Rounding at the top five is Warner Bros’ “Ocean’s 8,” which had another strong weekend, dropping approximately 30% from last weekend with a heist of an $8 million gross over the weekend, bringing its domestic cume to just shy of $115 million. Internationally, the film generated an additional $13.5 million for a foreign total of $95 million to bring it's worldwide gross to $209.7 million. 

Fox International's “Sanju” opened with $2.55 million from 365 locations to a surprising ninth-place finish, opening in India at #1 which is the studio’s second largest opening in that market. “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” expanded into an additional 306 theaters which allowed for a weekend gross of $2.29 million from 654 locations, the film’s domestic cume stands at $7.5 million currently. 

   Click on the image for our full review

Click on the image for our full review

Overall, the weekend outperformed last years as 2018 continues to bring in superb numbers for the box office of filmmaking, something that we as movie lovers love to hear. “Avengers: Infinity War” also delivered a $1.4 million weekend as it now sits at $2.034 billion, just $34 million shy of the all-time third-place record of $2.068 billion set by “Force Awakens.” 

   Click on the image for our full review

Click on the image for our full review

With “Ant-Man and the Wasp” opening this weekend, the film could receive a boost for those who need to catch up or make sense of an ending that is sure to tie in the ending of “Infinity War.” “The First Purge” is also set to open on the July Fourth holiday, hopefully to something mediocre so these films can stop being made. 

"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" Devours It's Way to the Top of the Box Office, While "Incredibles 2" Holds Steady.

Surprising most of us with another large opening, Universal and Amblin Entertainment’s “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” grossed $148 million, becoming only the second time ever that two films have consecutively opened at more than $100 million two weeks in a row. The first was "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End's" $114.7 million opening that followed "Shrek the Third's" $121.6 million opening from the prior weekend. Down by approximately 28% from its predecessors $208 million opening, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” is off to a solid start while simultaneously competing with Pixar’s “Incredibles 2.” With an A- Cinemascore, a slight drop off from 2015’s A Cinemascore for “Jurassic World,” the sequel seems to have a chance at matching or meeting the challenge set by the first film. 

The film has some tough tests to come though, while this weekend will be relatively easy to retain that number one spot with “Sicario: Day of the Saldado” and “Uncle Drew” being the only competitors, the following weekend won’t be as easy. The openings of “Hotel Transylvania 3,” “Skyscraper,” and Marvel’s “Ant-Man and the Wasp” will surely provide a stiff challenge. The first film didn’t drop more than 50% till it's ninth week, it will be far more difficult for the sequel which is set to gross somewhere between $350-$375 million in domestic markets. With a 50% Rotten Tomatoes score, a 2/4 star rating by RogerEbert.com, and a 1.5/4 star rating from this site, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” doesn’t have a lot of critical backing, so the legs of this film will be intriguing to watch. 

While the movie opened this past weekend in domestic markets, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” is entering its third week in international markets, debuting in 17 new markets and ranking number one in 16 of them. Feasting its way up the box office rankings, grossing an additional $106 million from overseas. China provided a hefty $202.6 million and will deliver even more over the next weekend, as the film currently stands at $711 million with it's worldwide gross. The third largest release of 2018 thus far, and is sure to surpass the one billion dollar mark at some point. 

   Read our Full Review by Clicking on the Image Above

Read our Full Review by Clicking on the Image Above

“Incredibles 2” followed up its monstrous debut with a second place finish, rounding in $80 million as it approaches a $350 million domestic total in only ten days, making it one of the top ten highest grossing animated films of all-time. Dropping approximately 55.7% from its last weekend total, “Incredibles 2” stifled with some competition from the roaring land of “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” but it also became Pixar’s fourth largest release ever. 

Internationally, “Incredibles 2” opened in China, India, and Thailand over the weekend and brought in an estimated $56.8 million. Cuming an overseas total of $135 million while opening in around 44% of all international markets and opening in China with $21.2 million as the largest opening for any Pixar movie ever in China. Combined with its domestic numbers, “Incredibles 2” is quickly on its way to $500 million in a matter of two weeks of release. 

   Read our Full Review by Clicking on the Image Above

Read our Full Review by Clicking on the Image Above

“Ocean’s 8” holds surprisingly steady, conning it's way to a 38.6% drop off from last weekend for an estimated $11.5 million weekend, pushing their domestic total over $100 million in its third week of release. Overseas, the film brought in additional $70 million allowing it's worldwide total to steal more than $170 million over the weekend. “Tag” landed in fourth place as it follows suit of Warner Bros. “Game Night,” growing in popularity over time, bringing an estimated $8.2 million over the weekend. 

   Read our Full Review by Clicking on the Image Above

Read our Full Review by Clicking on the Image Above

Rounding at the top 5 is Fox’s “Deadpool 2” which added $5.25 million over the weekend, bringing its total to over $300 million, while also reaching a milestone in its international gross by crossing the $400 million mark, bringing the film’s worldwide cume to $707 million. Disney’s “Solo: A Star Wars Story” falls outside the top five with a $4.5 million weekend, finally crossing the $200 million barriers in its domestic gross. Internationally adding a mere $2.6 bringing it's foreign market total to just over $150 million as it totals out at $353 million in it's worldwide gross as “Solo: A Star Wars Story” is not soaring as high as Disney would have hoped for. 

   Read our Full Review by Clicking on the Image Above

Read our Full Review by Clicking on the Image Above

Other top stories include Focus Features’ “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” expanding into 348 location and grossing $1.875 million as it surpassed $4 million with its domestic total. Focus Features plans on releasing it into 500 more theaters as fourth of July approaches. Residing at a 99% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, a 3.5/4 score on RogerEbert.com, and a 4/4 star rating from us, it is a film that audiences definitely need to see. A24's "Hereditary" dropped 47% from last weekend as it cumed a little over $3.6 million as it surpassed a $36 million domestic total. “Avengers: Infinity War” added another $2.5 million to its domestic total as it closes in on a $675 million domestic total and attempts to get as close as possible to “Force Awakens” $2.068 billion record as it resides at $2.030 billion currently. 

   Read our Full Review by Clicking on the Image Above

Read our Full Review by Clicking on the Image Above

It will be interesting to see how close Thanos can get, as “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” and “Uncle Drew” plan to open up this weekend to expectations of mediocrity, providing little threats to the current blockbusters of the summer. The exact midpoint of the year will be reached next Sunday on July 1st though, and you can expect something like a top ten list of sorts to commemorate that notion. Until then, Craves of the week, a possible “Gotti” review, and maybe an editorial or two are heading your way.