The Long Hard "Road" to Deadpool 2 has Begun

The long hard “Road” to Deadpool 2 has begun, and I am incredibly excited to share my thoughts on the entirety of the X-men cinematic universe. I will be discussing every film ranging from good (X-men) to exceptional (Logan), or bad (X-men 3) to awful (X-men origins). I love the X-men, and I didn’t begin to invest in their comics till I was I was an adult, which allowed me to realize the parallels to the civil rights battles of the sixties. It also built my understanding of the Marvel universe, and kinda launched me into an obsessive researching of the marvel universe and learning about the differences between Earth-616 and Earth-199999 and Earth-982. As well as discovering the celestials, the skyfathers, the deviants, the eternals, the living tribunal, eternity, death, and of course the one above all. 

The X-men comics are to thank for that, because their expanding array of characters inspired me to search for new heights and new characters to attach myself to. I have so much to thank Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for the gift of the X-men as they turned me away from the main stars of the Avengers and introduced me to the Fantastic Four, the multiverse, and the intricacies of realities that Marvel has manifested since 1939. I love Deadpool, and the Merc with the mouth, finally, being well represented. Hopefully, for a much longer time and even more hopefully, I hope to see the regenerating degenerate with some marvel cinematic characters one day. I’ll have to keep those wet dreams hidden away for now though.