First off, welcome back to Flick Crave. I had to take some time off, to gain some perspective. I also needed to recontextualize my purpose for this platform. Initially, I wanted this site to be my own and no one else's. For it to be my launching pad for accessibility so that I could go forth and conquer my greatest hopes and dreams. Over the last year, I have grown as much personally as I have cinematically. I have begun to delve into the more obscure margins of film appreciation with genres such as silent and foreign filmography, I have obsessed over great writers like Pauline Kael, Roger Ebert, Marc Bernardin, and Evan Puschak. 

In that vein, I have taken far more pride in my writing, choosing quality over quantity. Taking the time to edit and re-edit and re-edit and reread and reread and reread before publishing. I have also made it upon myself to revisit some of my reviewed films and rewrite them with far superior quality. I hope to provide you, my lovely readers, with the most poignant and educated reviews that I can muster. 

With that said, Crave of the Week will be a re-hashing of sorts for the rest of the year. Providing reviews for more contemporary films that are meant to solve my obsession so that the best of my writings are showcased. So, expect Crave of the Week to become a mainstay for content. I’ve also added my Best of the MCU series in which I have provided reviews for six of my favorite MCU movies.  

What this also means is that the goal of the website has changed from my selfish endeavor to a beacon of opportunity for those who wish to share their voice upon filmmaking. This opportunity is not for everyone but can be applied for by anyone. I do reserve the right to turn you away, but don’t fear of that consequence. I hope to hear from many of you, and I hope to grow a community of writers that can provide our readers with the best and most proficient content. If you do enjoy all of our content you can now support us in more than a few ways, you can donate to our Patreon and subscribe to our newsletter. 

Our newsletter will provide you with announcements, reviews to look forward too, and a bridge of communication for you guys to make recommendations. Our Patreon also offers rewards for your support. Ranging from simple early access to merchandise to free movie tickets.

I hope that me and hopefully a few new helpers can create a website the rivals the best of film review websites. We are not journalists. We are not professional writers. We are aspiring members of both. We are dreamers that hope to make this life a reality.